We want to do everything we can to satisfy our customers. The following sales policies are standard practice in our industry, and are in place to help us run our business smoothly and successfully. If the sale is $25.00 or more, you the buyer may cancel this transaction postmarked at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this purchase. Cancellations cannot be made after this time.  

Magazines should be received within 120 days. If you move we must be notified, since magazines do not forward because they are considered third class mail your address must be updated upon moving. Also, please make sure your address is correct on your receipt, an incorrect address can delay the subscription or stop delivery all together.

All checks used to pay for magazine subscriptions are deposited within seven business days. We do not accept the postdating of checks. 

Please note that Apollo Marketing Inc does not accept donation orders. If you wish to send a magazine to a hospital it is considered a gift from you to them, not a donation. Magazine orders are not tax deductible.

This company gives no free gifts with magazine subscriptions. Magazines do not come with CDs, T-Shirts, Jackets, additional magazines, markers, and so on.

We unfortunately are not present at the time of sale. We do not honor any verbal agreements that are made between you and the independent contractor who is selling the magazine subscriptions. Everything that is printed on your receipt is factual. By signing and agreeing to the contract you are agreeing that you have read your receipt fully and understand all our policies.