To the Parents:
This letter is to serve the purpose of explaining the terms of the traveling job your son/daughter will be engaging in. I feel that it is desirable to put forth the facts in the form of a letter to clarify any remaining questions as to the type of work, the earnings and the amount of travel to be done. As a salesperson working with our organization, he/she will making personal interviews at homes, businesses and offices for books and periodicals from leading U.S. publishing companies.

Your son/daughter will be traveling with a chaperoned group staying in quality hotels in major cities. The group usually remains one to three weeks in each city visited and they enjoy group rates for accommodations. The personnel he/she will be associated with are from various parts of the country as well as abroad and have varied educational backgrounds. They have many things in common, such as traveling. which is an educational opportunity, as well as an earning potential that is higher than average.

All traveling expenses are provided along with personal expenses during the initial two weeks training period. Your son/daughter will earn a starting commission of 50% plus daily bonuses. In addition he/she will have the opportunity to compete in company-sponsored contests that award many excellent prizes. For whatever reason your son/daughter should terminate their contract to represent AMI their return transportation is guaranteed and provided back to the city where he/she was hired.

Everyone working in this travel tour has added opportunity of earning an achievement award of $1000.00 payable at intervals according to points based sales. He/She must be active and present at the semi-annual awards presentations to receive prizes and bonuses based on points.

We hope this letter will assure you that your son/daughter will be associated with other fine young people and will gain in many ways through this opportunity.

Sincerely Yours,

Apollo Marketing Inc